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Pendulum Large Drop

A large drop pendulum, handmade in sterling silver and set with either, amethyst, rose quartz or clear quartz. They are a substantial weight and very accurate pendulums for fine dowsing and healing.

Ref: P1S001

A large drop pendulum available in Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.

Divining Part I
Pendulums have been used for centuries by people concerned with the unknown, for matters that the eye cannot see. From finding lost items to magical energy fields known as ley lines, to hidden wells of water deep beneath the earth. They have also been used by more spiritual people to divine future events, to answer questions where a yes or no answer will guide and also for the healing of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This article is primarily concerned with the later as this is the field I specialise in, but will also cover the basics of how to use a pendulum for all the above as well. More on Divining with Pendulums

Healing Part II

Hello and welcome to part II of working with Pendulums. In this section I will be discussing how to use pendulums for healing. So how do we use a pendulum for healing? I may hear you ask. Well it's simple and effective, and for those of you who already have an understanding of how to use a crystal for healing, will find these techniques very easy to apply and practise. More on Healing with Pendulums

Size: 20mm

Price: 32.00

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