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Dragons - Myth or Fact?

Dragons - Myth or Fact?

The symbol of the Dragon has been used in all ages, as motifs, emblems, banners and coats of arms. It has been used from East to West all over the globe. All cultures have at some stage in their history written tales and created drawings of the Dragon. So what is it all about? Is it myth, legend, folk lore, or snippets of the truth that have been lost down through the ages, leaving only the images and a few tales of their splendour?

The Dragon symbolises power and wealth, wisdom and strength. They have been depicted as mean and evil, stealing beautiful princesses, hoarding great wealth and as caring and helpful creatures aiding people in their quest. The human mind has a vast store of imagery, some call this the collective archetypal unconscious, and from time to time these images come through, representing the latent energy that stores up in the psyche of mankind. Dragon energy is seen to be a swirling free energy that spirals turning in on itself like a figure of eight covering all possible directional views. This is why martial artists revere the Dragon and practice forms that flow with very similar energy patterns and call these forms Dragon Style. This swirling formation pattern can be seen everywhere within the natural world, in eddying currents of rivers, in the air around us, more easily seen in autumn when leaves are present to show us the motion of the air currents, in flames moving freely in uncontained fires and even in the Earth's movements, especially sand dunes in motion as well as volcanic activity and lava flow. This has led to there being four types of Dragons; Air Dragons, Fire Dragons, Water Dragons and Earth Dragons. These different Dragon types hold to the element energies and properties of the four elements and are classically depicted in relevant colours as well as similar habitats, such as a Fire Dragon being red and living in a volcano or a Water Dragon being green and blue and living in a river, lake or ocean. So through mans connection with these elements and through the powers of the imagination these magnificent creatures have come to life. The Dragon at rest can clearly be seen in the lay of the land, the formations of sand dunes, the hills and valleys. The ancient Celts had beliefs that all of nature was one huge Dragon laying dormant, just awaiting to be aroused by the magical chants of the Druids, to do their bidding.

But does that mean that they are only make believe? Well, there have been so many sightings of large monsters all over the world living in the depths of the oceans or large and deep lakes. Some point to the idea of sea monsters or dinosaurs that survived the Ice Age. Is this perhaps the root of our beautiful and playful creatures that we read about today in folk lore, or were they an actual breed of creatures that were destroyed by knights until extinct? No one can really prove their existence until someone can show the world a huge fire breathing Dragon and put all our doubts to rest, but still the energy lives on, for some more real than imagination, for some a fantasy creature that holds great wisdom and for others something to mock at. None the less, Dragons have played a huge part in our cultural development; they are present in our art, stories and as show in works of art such as jewellery. They are worn as symbols, allowing the individual to express the parts of their own nature that they associate with the Dragon, such as power, strength, wisdom. But the Dragon is also a magical creature. Not only can they fly and breathe fierce flames they also have an air of magical ability around them as mythical creatures and this people associate with most.

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By Rondie Evans

Scales of Diamonds shining bright
Gives them power and such might,
That none would dare challenge,
But the bravest Knight

Great armoured wings for flight
Emerald coloured eyes for sight
Breath an inferno of flames
Which they use in any fight

Now laid to rest an age ago
For none to see amore
They lay hidden in the deep
Gemstone caverns of this world

There we go amongst the gems
To carry away our treasure
Not knowing what lays beneath
What we might awaken forever

© Brilliant Gems 2015

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