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Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls - Origins and Healing

Crystal Skulls - Origins and Healing

Over the last two decades there has been a large interest in the origins of crystal skulls; how they were made and what they were used for. But if we take a deeper look into the history of man, we can see traces of this mystery dating back to our ancestors. Albeit few priest or shamans that used them in the days of old their use is clearly evident. The skull symbol represents many things, but its main aspects are protection, knowledge, life-force and death. These four qualities we can easily see when we look at what the skulls functions are during the life of a human. The skull's first and major priority is to protect the brain from physical damage, a very sensitive and delicate organ for all its power, that once harmed can lead to complete disability as in a major accident or partial loss of control after a minor injury. The brain is where we house all our collective knowledge in the form of memories. From an early age we learn from direct experience through interaction with life as well as from others experiences via reading and verbal teachings. This knowledge has been passed down through generations and has brought us to this modern age. Many ancient medical as well as shamanic belief systems thought that the life force of a human was stored in the brain. Finally the skull is only ever seen after someone has died and so represents death. This was always seen as change and the opening to new pathways and not as a bad omen.

The belief in the powers of the skull are what led shamans and ancient orders of priests to use this symbol during rituals and ceremonies. Some even created beautiful works of art such as the "Anna Mitchell Hedges" skull which is a life size skull carved completely out of quartz. It is this skull that has caused such a stir over the recent years as science has been unable, through analysis and experiments, to label it in their parameters as the workmanship is so great they can't even date it or explain how it could have been made. There are many theories that the skull was passed down through generations and each polished the skull a level further with fine clothes until it was complete. Being made out of quartz adds another dimension to the skull. Quartz crystal has huge and almost limitless powers, it can store and transmit energy, it can be programmed to do specific tasks as well as purify, magnify and transmute energy. This makes the Crystal Skull a very powerful tool to use indeed, especially in the field of crystal healing and it's in this field that I wish to work with and look at in this talk.

The hardest part is to find a crystal skull that resonates with you, there are many to be found but finding the right one can take time. Once you have a crystal skull it will have to be cleansed and dedicated to you. This is best done using flowing water over the skull as you channel the intent of any unwanted energies leaving the skull with the water. Then holding the skull in your left hand place the right hand over the skull and program it with the dedication to the good of all, to protect you in a sphere of bright white light, and lastly add the personnel line that you wish the crystal skull to work on for you. For example if you have a bad back you can ask the skull to help you heal your back. Once this is complete, the skull will continue to emanate its healing energies and help to you until the programming is cleansed and you start again. It is a good idea to make a shrine to place the skull on, maybe with a picture of you as well as other power items such as other crystals, herbs, incense, candles and bells. This will all help to create a more powerful energy to work with.

Once this is all set up, all that's left to do is to find time each day to sit and meditate in front of the shrine, or to remove the skull and sit somewhere peaceful with it. Twenty to thirty minutes a day is a good time to spend in practice. While sitting start by looking deep into the crystal skulls eyes and allow yourself to relax; taking deep breaths and sighing the air out can help. Imagine yourself sat inside your crystal skull, feeling protected and relaxed, at ease with yourself and everyone else in your life. Let the healing energy of the crystal skull emanate through you. Sit with your back straight and your hands cupped in your lap with the crystal skull cradled in them. With your eyes closed try to keep your internal focus on the crystal skull, remembering the sensations that you felt while looking deep into its eyes. If this is too strenuous, it is also possible to lay down with the crystal skull placed on the floor just above your head looking down your body; this also allows the healing energy of the skull to pass down into the body. This can be enhanced by placing quartz crystals in a circle around you; pointing inwards, at least 4 are needed but 6 or 8 are better.

crystal healing

This is an aerial view of the crystal healing grid to be used. The arrows represent the crystal points the tip of the crystal the arrow head. The eclipse represents the crystal skull and the text where you would lay down to heal. This would be a very powerful way to work with a crystal skull. Again for the best results its best to practice daily for 20 minutes and is much better than doing 2 hours once a week. As with all crystal practice it is a very personnel experience, you may find it helpful to keep a journal of your experiences as this will show you the progress you are making. Most of all remember to enjoy the experience, healing is gentle and fun, not all serious! Lastly I would like to mention that there are many gemstone skulls available, and each gemstone type will have different healing properties according to its nature. Here is a link showing a few that are available... Crystal Skulls for Sale

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