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Pendulums II

Pendulums II

Pendulums II


Hello and welcome to part II of working with Pendulums. In this section I will be discussing how to use pendulums for healing. So how do we use a pendulum for healing? I may hear you ask. Well it's simple and effective, and for those of you who already have an understanding of how to use a crystal for healing, will find these techniques very easy to apply and practise.

The Chakras.

The human body has seven energy centres or chakras. To refresh your memories they run down the centre column of the body starting at the root (muladara) chakra found at the base of the spine (depicted by the colour ray red), running up to the top of the head or the crown (sarahasrara) chakra (depicted by the colour ray violet, or bright white light). These energy centres open us to the universal energies all around us, from Heavenly influence to Earthly influence, changing our feelings, emotions and moods of the day all our lives. When these channels or doorways become blocked, "locked", closed or just over-stressed due to city life, the connection with the Heavenly and Earthly divine energies becomes obscure or even non-active. This leads to dis-ease of mind, which then leads on to disease of the body. This can however be remedied with correct use of crystal healing, which is holistic, as not only can crystal healing cure illness that is fully blown, it is also preventative, stopping any ailment from arising before the symptoms start to show.

The Pendulum.

Now we come to the fun part, practically applying crystal therapy to the body using a pendulum. Firstly it is always better to do this for someone else rather than our selves, as it is good for the patient to be relaxed and still, preferably laying down as this posture allows the spine to be straight and the chakras free from obstruction, (this just adds to the fun!!). So with your friend laying down in a draught free, warm room ask them to gently close their eyes and to relax. Playing peaceful background music can be conducive to the healing session, as this always helps set the scene and to relax the whole situation. When they have become still hold your chosen pendulum over the root chakra about an inch above the physical body, and just allow the pendulum to do as it wishes, turning and moving. The pendulum will be doing its work depending on which gem stone you use. I advise you use three pendulums (1) Rose Quartz for cleansing and purifying the chakra with unconditional love. (2) Clear Quartz for opening and activating the energy centres with divine bright light & (3) Amethyst for soothing the chakras and creating a protective energy around them. When you feel the root chakra has received enough healing (don't forget if you are not sure about this, ask the pendulum, as discussed in Part I, but usually 5 to 10 minutes is long enough), move the pendulum up to the next energy centre (chakra) this would be the sacral plexus or svadhisthana chakra, and allow the chakra to come to rest, or constant state of motion depending on how it feels! Then once again when the time is right move up to the next chakra manipura, and carry on this process all the way to the top of the chakra system, the crown sarahasrara. When you reach the crown you can change pendulums and do the process again until the three different types of gemstone pendulums have been used on every centre. By then the patient should be in a very open relaxed state of mind, feeling free of all worries and tensions of the day. Do make sure that no disturbance could interfere with the therapy session, by taking the phone of the hook, turning the doorbell off and making sure no one else is due to come around at that time, as loud or sudden noise can be quite a jolt to a person in this open state of deeply relaxed mind. When you are quite happy that all the chakras have been exposed long enough to the influence of the gem stone pendulums (ask the pendulum itself if you are unsure about this) allow the person to come around in their own time, gently opening their eyes at first then moving a finger or two, then ask them to roll onto their side before sitting up, using the hands and arms to help them so that no strain is put on the back. It is also a good idea to then pass them a piece of Smokey Quartz to ground themselves or even include this in the pendulum healing with an earthy pendulum (Agate, Jasper, Smokey quartz or Black tourmaline) at the end of the session held over the root (base of the spine) chakra before they come around.


After the therapy it is always fun to chat about the therapy, so that you both share your feelings and experiences of the healing session, as this can help shed light on any problems that might be underlying in the individuals state of health. Also then you can swap around, taking it in turns to receive healing from each other using the gem stone pendulums, such that both friends are giving and receiving energy to create a healthy flow of energy between yourselves. You may also like to experiment with these techniques and develop your own styles of pendulum healing unique to you, maybe with different gem stones used or by asking questions about the individuals state of health at each chakra, enabling a deeper insight to each others needs and requirements. Play and enjoy!! Most importantly make healing fun!! Until next time best wishes, and good-bye for now.

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